Friday, 31 August 2012


Hey!! Hey!! Ieyka Noor Rahman is back with the most awesome story to share with you all.. awww :*
Okay. Stop right there.. Terlebih giddy pula kat situ.. haha :p

Orientation week at KMS memang daebak gila..tak tipu.. (pernah aku gebang kat korang..hehe) 
seriously I'm not regret I entered it.

It's awesome and I have lots of lots of fun!!! haha

First day, the registration is very very very smooth.. very systematic.. My mom loves it so much because she don't have to waste her time the all day just to manage me..hehe.. dealing with KMS is "daebak"!!! Everything was going smoothly.. give 'em an applause people!!! yeay!!

After my mom left me.. I don't have any sad feeling or even homesick..and she too very happy because I'm no longer will fighting with my lil bro and disturb her to finish her assignments..
sorry mama.. I'm just bored and I need entertainment!! haha

My roomate pun best and both of them orang Perak mariiiii...haha
Saidah Nafisah and Zafirah..

Both of them actually quite nice and tak sampai sehari kut..dah boleh jadi riuh..gelak ketawa..macam bonding dah kenal bertahun-tahun.. we're not awkward at all..
I really LIKE this place (y)!!!!

Then as usual we had ice breaking.. but it's not a boring one but the best I ever experienced throughout my life.. (Y)

but then I do feel that we have such a great bonding.. a great one.. everyone friendly and act that we have knew such a long time period.. 

besides, in this week I too felt that my level of confidence increases..seriously, if you stand in front and want to talk..everyone will focus only at you..and if you make mistakes..they won't laugh at you but support you.. that's one of the factor... actually macam tak percaya juga aku boleh naik atas pentas and then menari macam orang gila kat situ.. choreographer kita orang of course la ketua... but then aliff still buat style yang sama and it's quite funny.. tak tipu... 
if you there, i'm sure you'll enjoy only just looking at us..then for the show..kita orang hope sangat dapat drama but at the end dapat choral speaking..pun boleh.. tak gentar la wei..but best gila la.. for a day je rancang.. last2 dapat 5 star..pergh!!! Group 1 memang dasyat.. haha

then after dah menggila for orientation week, the class start and of course this Ieyka Noor Rahman is very excited and always imagine the good things happen and never expect the worse..haha.. I was very looking forward to it.. and FYI aku tercampak masuk kat dalam class Math HL.. gila!!! aku tak tahu la aku ni pandai sangat ke or terlampau genius masa exam Math hari tu.. at the end I end up in the class that suitable with geniuses.. oh brother!! terkejut mak!! haha..but it's okay.. I'm in the right class I guess sebab kitaorang semua budak putus fius..semua gila.. semua lawak..semua best.. tak tipu BEST dia..haha

I'm adapt well in that class..Boleh gelak2..gurau2 macam dah lebih setahun kenal..padahal a month pun tak sampai lagi..My classmate ada 16 je..tak ramai macam kelas lain.. The members of MD81 are me (of course) , Karipap Sardin (ni nyza tau..schoolmate aku masa kat STJ..but she famous with her karipap name..haha..sorry my dear :p), Zaf or Mila (my roomate in KMS) , Rosmah (actually her name is hanis..later I will story to you guys why I call her Rosmah..haha) ,  Mira, Dila, Hana, Sue, Najib, Afiq or Umar, Acap, Royle, Joel, Amos Famous, Izzul and Wan or Abang.. Makhluk2 ni semua best gila.. siap keluar iftar sama2 kut..kitaorang pergi makan steamboat.. yummy!! sedap gila..

I guess that's all for now..tata~


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